September 27-29, 2017
Houston, Texas

Josh Jaffe

Director Information Security Risk and Governance

Josh Jaffe leads Risk and Governance for Emerson Electric’s Corporate Information Security team.  The scope includes cyber intelligence, risk assessment, security governance, training & awareness, insider threat, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, as well as security policy development and compliance team. 
Prior to joining Emerson in 2013, Josh worked in the U.S. government Intelligence Community; leading electronic network intelligence projects for the National Security Agency (NSA) and targeting advanced state and terrorist actors for the Central Intelligence Agency’s Counter-Terrorism Center.  After leaving government service, Josh worked for Deloitte Consulting LLP, where he managed the Public Sector Competitive Intelligence Group.  Josh also frequently consulted with clients in the Intelligence Community; he organized the Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Senior Steering Group and was a frequent advisor to senior leaders at the CIA and NSA.
Josh holds a B.A in Business Administration and a MS in Security Studies from Missouri State. He is based in St. Louis, MO where he lives with his wife and two young children. 

8:10 AM Future Proofing Industrial Control Systems

Industrial control systems serve as an integral part of critical infrastructure, empowering vital sectors including electricity, oil and gas, water, transportation, manufacturing, and chemical manufacturing. Effectively addressing ICS cybersecurity necessitates a comprehensive understanding of current security challenges and available mitigation tools.  Defense-in-depth allows a flexible framework to  strengthen security posture and help to defend against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Legacy systems used  protocols that were difficult to hack, but with the convergence of IT and ICS architectures, recent high profile breaches have shown the potential risk. Organization must get creative in their defense and apply layered approaches that make targets less attractive and attainable. 

•Implementing strategies for securing control system environments
•Investigating how threat actors can carry out attacks and the potential impact on industrial controls
•Evolving control systems management and security practices

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